Posted by: karenparmer | November 6, 2009

To blog or not to blog…that is the question

I haven’t blogged in months and months although one of my life’s most precious moments have happened in my “silent period.”  Katie and Chad blessed us with another precious grandchild, an event at which I was present.  I retired and have spent a wonderful summer doing things I enjoyed.  Dan and I took a great anniversary trip, etc. etc. 

 I had some “fallout” from a post I wrote last Christmas that was taken the wrong way.

So I fell off the bloggin’ wagon but have decided that I’d like to try again.

I think I struggle with what every other blogging woman has experienced.  How do you write about your life without sounding shallow, self-serving, boastful, prideful, sarcastic, sappy and on and on?  I came upon this decision.  At times I am all of the above.  Somedays I am so sappy I almost need anti-nauseau medicine.  Somedays I am so proud of my family, friends, whatever that I feel like I might burst, all days I am filled with so much love for my family that I am “over the top” about them, somedays I am sarcastic, but hopefully not without humour.  Somedays I am so touched by what God has shown me that I feel like I might explode without sharing it.  But all of these things are who and what I am.  I don’t know many people who can write a daily, bi-weekly, monthly blog that is “earth-shattering, exciting” stuff.  Mostly what we blog about is important only to people who know and care about us, the writer.  It’s hard to write when you don’t know who the audience is.  I have decided that I will write for myself.  When I blogged before, I worried about every word.  How will that be taken?  Does that sound like I am just showing everyone about this perfect little life I have?  (If that’s the case, then I am a better liar than I thought!!)  Because long ago, I realized that I will never be the beauty queen; but I guess I always aspired to be “Miss Congeniality.”  I want everyone to be happy, to like me, to respect me……..My son has a quote that I love, “Stand for something or fall for anything.” 

So here goes another try.  I just want to blog about things that are going on in our life, spiritual issues I feel strongly about, and frequently about the two little grandchildren I adore.

I just want to be real.    I am afraid “my real” won’t be good enough for the reader.  But the reality I have is the only one I know.  So I guess this blog is just sort of a “disclaimer!”  No one wants to take responsibility for anything anymore.  Have you noticed that?  The laundry isn’t responsible when they knock the buttons off of your shirts, the airlines aren’t responsible when they destroy your luggage, and on and on.  I want to be responsible to myself and my family.  I don’t want anything I write to be an embarrassment or an invasion of privacy.

I also want to remember that balance is the key.  I don’t want cyberspace to be the only way I communicate.  I want to remember that the people in the room with me are more important than my time spent on facebook or blogland! 

You know you have spent way too much time with blogs and facebook when you know the name of your college roommate’s cousin’s baby but you wouldn’t recognize your neighbor if he/she came to the door!!

Enough said.  Its another beautiful fall day in the deep south which I love.  Got my babies here at my house and all is well in my world.  (OK, did that sound boastful?  See, already breaking my own rules!!!)




  1. I, for one, am glad to have you back. I don’t care what you blog about. We all brag and preach and share on our blogs. I guess that’s what it’s all about. A way to share your feelings. If people take things the wrong way, well, that’s their problem!!! I’ve missed reading your blogs, your funny stories and your take on things. Thanks for coming back!

  2. I am so glad you are back!!! I REALLY missed reading your blog! It was among one of my favorites!

  3. Glad to see that you are back. Post Away!!! I miss the funny posts too. Those were always my favorite.

  4. I am glad you are back too! Lance and I used to love reading your blog, it always makes us laugh. That is pretty good, because Lance does not like to read BLOGS, they actually drive him crazy……but I keep one anyway…hehehehe!

  5. Excellent post, great looking weblog, added it to my favorites!

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