Posted by: karenparmer | December 9, 2009

Wednesday’s Ramblings

I went to my internist yesterday for a follow-up visit (trying to get all the doctoring done while I am under ZERO co-pay til January 1st.)  She asked me if I felt fidgety.  My answer “yes, (but if its a fatal condition it would have already killed me because I have NEVER been able to sit still!!)  She asked me if I had trouble remembering things.  I paused a moment and thought….”What was the question again?”  I diagnosed myself long ago. I am ADD and OCD.  BUT one cancels out the other.  I am obsessive compulsive but I am too attention deficient to obsess very long!!!  Now I am so forgetful that I can’t remember the thing I was obsessing about that was so hard to concentrate on.  Better change subjects before the men in white coats come to lock me up!

I love the Christmas season.  I have so enjoyed all the decorating this year.  (Last year I was dealing with some health issues that have since been resolved.  I sort of “missed” Christmas last year so I want to do all I can to grab it all this year!!)  I have a new Christmas love that I must confess is just one more thing to add to my bad habit list. I am in love with Russell Stover Chocolate covered marshmallow Santas.  There, I confessed.  I am not a food snob (well maybe LeSeur peas, Dixie Crystals sugar….) but the Santas have to be Russell Stover.  My sweet husband went to several stores Sunday afternoon to surprise me with some of the chocolate delights.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him they were the WRONG kind.  (I’ll save them for Charlie. Maybe he won’t know the difference!!!)  Now a friend on Facebook has told me something else to do with the Chocolate Santas.  Put him on a graham cracker, stick him in the microwave a few seconds, voila…a  s’more!!!

We have three company Christmas parties tonight.  Two tomorrow.  Two Saturday night.  Then several more next week.  (But in the true Scarlet O’Hara approach, I am only thinking about “one day at a time.”)  I love to accompany Dan to social functions.  BUT its this time of the year when I truly appreciate how “geographically challenged” we are because everything we go to is inside the perimeter and north! 

Well, time to get going today.  I have a ten dollar coupon to use at Macy’s and you have to use it before one o’clock. (They really know how to get me there!!!)  I need to go out and save a lot of money today…..I need to do something to overcompensate for the speeding ticket I received yesterday….NOT GOOD!!!!)  My second speeding ticket in my life so I have been lucky.  I wasn’t even really upset.  I was just mad at myself.  I had heard that it was good to beg and cry in front of the policeman but I just couldn’t bring myself to that….So I just sat there and smiled at him and said “thank you for bringing this to my attention.”  The older I get, the more I am convinced that events in life do not make or break you.  It’s the reaction to the action.  So in practicing what I preach, I am trying to make this a non-big-deal.  There’s a lesson in here.  SLOW DOWN.  PAY ATTENTION…..

Off to Macy’s to buy YOUR Christmas present.  BUT only if I can use my ten dollar off a twenty five dollar purchase…….


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