Posted by: karenparmer | January 15, 2010

I’m in need of resurrection

Welcome to Friday.  Tomorrow we are going to have Mr. Parmer’s 90th birthday.  It’s been such a busy week.  But here it is Friday and I cannot wait till Sunday.  I am in need of resurrection that sometimes only corporate worship can accomplish.   I have had the words to this beautiful Nicole Sponberg song on my mind for weeks.  I am off to CCH which is open for prayer time during the 21 days of fasting  in preparation of the passionGod wants to instill in me.

My heart is just so sad this a.m. because I cannot get the images of Haiti out of my little brain.  I don’t think I can claim to be a follower of Christ and turn my head and pretend that I don’t see that death and destruction.

I make the comment so many time, “that really touched me.”  Well, that’s all great and good but if I don’t touch my checkbook/creditcard/Bible/prayer journal when I am “touched” then I am missing a blessing!

Hoping you have a great weekend!  I am praying for my own resurrection so that I can reflect His glory~



  1. Hey KP! Haiti has really been on our families heart as well! I miss you~the ESOL team isn’t the same without you! You are the best! I saw your post on CCH. Do you go there? We go there and love the fellowship!

    A baby changes everything, Caleb is now almost 15 months. Hard to believe! I loved all your pictures from AWES. I saw them on your page. I think one of my close friends was in your class. I hope you don’t mind me sharing those pictures with her!
    I hope you are blessed and enjoying this season of your life!

    Lisa (Rousey) Elliott:O)
    (old ESOL teamie:O))

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