Posted by: karenparmer | January 16, 2010

Happy 90th birthday to our family patriarch

The Roaring Twenties….A decade made famous by the fabulous flapper fashion and the amazing music of Louie Armstrong.  And who could forget Harry Houdini, the escape artist known for handcuffing himself, dropping into a pool of water, and resurfacing unharmed.  Warren G. Harding was president of the United States.  The country was obsessed with dance marathons where people actually died trying to stay on the dance floor the longest.  Ernest Hemingway was penning his famous novels and George Gershwin was the musical composer of the day.   Little Charlie Chaplin, aka, “the little hobo” was filling up the big screen in the silent movies of the day.  No talkies in 1920!

Henry Ford’s Model T was taking the country by storm and families were enthralled with radio.  Such a different world from today.  Of course the end of the twenties saw a devastating time for America as the stock market crashed in ’29, plunging the mighty United States of America into The Great Depression.

But on January 18th, 1920, my father-in-law, Earl B. Parmer, made his debut into the world.  One of nine children, his family saw their share of hard times.  Mr. Parmer’s mother passed away when he was a young man. He has since buried all but one of his siblings.  Hard times and steely determination made men and women stronger than they are today.  I admire my father-in-law and his peers because I believe they are “The Greatest Generation.”  They sacrificed in ways we cannot even imagine during the war years.  There was  a level of patriotism that is unparralled in today’s society.  I think neighbors watched after neighbors.  Men removed their hats when Old Glory passed by.  Strong work ethics were the norm.  And it was a kinder, gentler society that molded this great generation.

Here is a glimpse into the world of 1920.

It’s an electronic birthday card for you, Earl Parmer! 












We love you birthday boy. Many happy returns!


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