Posted by: karenparmer | January 18, 2010

90th birthday party recap

We had Mr. Parmer’s 90th birthday party here on Saturday.  Most of his immediate family came to help celebrate the day.  Here are some pictures to recap the day.


What a bird he is!  He showed up looking all dapper.  He’s sharper than me.  (Ok, admittedly not a great feat!)  We are blessed that his health is so good for a man going into his tenth decade!

Matt called us Friday night and said he really thought he should come home from Charleston for his granddaddy’s 90th birthday party.  So Dan got online to find some decent airfare.  He booked Matt on a 5:55 flight out of C’town heading for Atlanta (by way of Charlotte!).  Matt arrived at the airport Sat. morning at 5:00.  The lady at the check in desk remarked how early Matt was for his flight.  He said, “No, just an hour!”  She said, “NO, 13 hours early!!!”  Dan had accidentally booked him a p.m. flight.  BUT the good news was, fifty dollars later and a fast jog to the gate, he was on a five thirty flight to Atl.  All’s well that ends well.   Luckily he wasn’t checking any luggage!

My family (minus MK and CC).

Molly Kate, our seven month old DIVA, who will NOT drink from a bottle.  ONLY breast fed.  She’s decided she’d skip the whole sippee cup business and just go straight to Great Grandma’s coffee.  NOT!


We had thirty people at our home for the party.  The good news, one guest got left behind.  (OOOPS, Katie and Chad forgot to take Charlie home….Just kidding, he’s spending the next week with us!


Here’s the Birthday Boy himself.  He loved his money tree.  Doesn’t he look like the Godfather here?


Is it too early to start planning his 100th?????


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