Posted by: karenparmer | January 23, 2010

Jungle Safari~Pine Mountain Style

I am not an earthy person.  If you know me at all, then you know that about me.  I don’t like to think about gross things,  I don’t want to look at gross things, and I have the absolute horror of animal fluids and excrement.

 I have a very hard time when people want to tell me about their digestive problems. I DO NOT care to discuss any sort of bowel habits, etc. etc.  So, of course, the ANIMAL SAFARI in Pine Mountain was a perfect family outing for the Cottles and me today.  Just my style…Dirty, stinking animals, (luckily none of them were having sex), MASSIVE piles of poop everywhere~ and poor dental hygiene.  Who could resist a morning like that?

BUT I have nevered laughed so hard in my life.  Katie and Chad had taken Charlie several yrs. ago but he didn’t really remember it.  AND of course, MK had no clue what was happening.

We arrived at the safari. (FREE FOR US THROUGH JANUARY BECAUSE KATIE AND CHAD are residents of Troup County.)  Katie was afraid it would be crowded but it appeared to just be us riding along in the trusty MAN-VAN and hundreds of our closest friends, the residents of SAFARI LAND.

Chad went in and purchased  three lunch sacks full of food.  It looks like long brown sidewalk chalk.As soon as the gates opened large animals were all over us,  They stand right in front of the car. They are so accustomed to vehicles and food going together so they just poke their big ole heads right in the vehicle.  They were so STINKIN’ CUTE!!!!

Horns, antlers, large tongues….HUGE noses (mostly running noses, I think a lot of them had head colds!)  We experienced it all.  It was great.  If you live close to Pine Mountain, GA., then you must take it in!

Here’s a recap of our morning at Safari Land.  (none of us moved fast enough to get the video camera out and its probably a good thing because there was so much squealing and laughing and probably inappropriate comments!!!!)

“Good morning, Sir, if you would just kindly step out of the vehicle and hand me your license and registration.”


“What kind of mileage do you get out of this cool Man-Van?”


“Any of you nice people have a Tums on you?  My breakfast didn’t sit too well.”

There were signs eveywhere that said “AGAINST THE LAW TO GET OUT OF YOUR CAR.”  Yeah, like that was really a problem with us.  WHO would get out of their car when there are large animals and their enormous piles of poop everywhere????  Plus I have never seen so many horns, antlers, and large heads!  YEP, we were law-abiding.  You couldn’t have peeled us out of the car!!!!!

These little guys look cute and harmless.  But some of them jumped on the car.  I think it might have been the goats!

A little wax, a little buffing, and several years of therapy, and we’ll all be good as new!!!!


Charlie was holding Sister’s hand.  I think the animals thought, “HHHMMM, there’s a light snack in the second row!”

“Hey, a tic-tac wouldn’t kill you, Big Guy?”

“Not our fault, all us animals are holding out for the new government health care plans that will include free dental.”

“Yep, we are all waiting for Obamacare.  We just ate the PROUD TO BE A REPUBLICAN sticker off the back of your car.”

Our family survived SNOWJAM 2010 AND ANIMAL SAFARI!  We are Cottles, hear us roar!!!


Then, on to Calloway Gardens for a quick tour of the Butterfly Center.  (just a little tamer than ANIMAL SAFARI.)

Followed by a late lunch at The Country Store.  Here are the pictures of  “The Clean Plate Club.”

Back in the Man-Van, heading for home.  Praising the Lord we made it through another family fun day!!

Thanks Cottles for including me in this fun!  Thank you God, for the magnificient animals you made to share the earth with us, thank you for the beauty of your earth,  but today, thank you mostly for the gift of laughter.  It is truly balm for the soul!!!



  1. Those pictures are cracking me up!! I can’t wait to take Davis there when he is a little older. Although, he is a little wild……I am sure he will be trying to get out with the animals…ha!

  2. I have been to that and all I got to say is I can’t believe yall drove your own car through that crazy jungle.

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