Posted by: karenparmer | January 27, 2010

Memories, frames, and 8 x 10’s

I love photographs. I started putting pics into photo albums over thirty years ago.  (Of course, later learned there was an acid in those pages that gradually ate up the color!!!)  Digital photography is my love.  No more film, flashbulbs, film processing, etc.  Of course,the flip side is that I don’t have cute little photo books to show of my beautiful grandchildren. BUT also in this age of blogs, facebook, email, most of my friends have already seen way more pictures of me and mine than they care to see!!!

There are very few pics of me in my first decade of life.  It’s a long complicated story that has a happy ending but basically our mother disappeared from our lives when I was about nine years old.  The last time I saw her was just before I went into the sixth grade.  When she vanished, so did so many memories and things that only a mother can share with a child.  I did not get all my clothes, toys, belongings, nor pictures at the end of our relationship.  I wish most of all I had a box of pictures of my family in those early years.  I cherish the few pics I have.  (I always hated those days at school when someone said, “bring a baby picture of you.”  DUH….how about I just cut a cute little Gerber baby picture out of a magazine???”

This is NOT a sob story.  I have the most amazingly blessed life.  I just wish I had more pictures of me!!!  There I said it, More Pics of ME!!!  WHO WANTS THAT?  I don’t want pics of me now.  (I love to be in control and hit DELETE when a bad pic of me appears on the thumbnails!)  Just cute little baby pics.  Maybe I wasn’t even a cute baby!!!!  Anyway here are the few pictures I have of me and my brother when we were both cute and young!!!   Not exactly enough to fill up an album but just enough to fill up my heart.

As today is the 56th anniversary of my debut into this world, I am indulging myself. 

 So indulge me, hit delete, or look on!

I think I must have been quite scholarly at an early age.  Maybe I was a child mensa, learning to read at one year old?

Obviously, getting my bangs cut by a professional was NOT a priority!

Learning how to set the perfect table????

Makes even the Easter bunny blush with pride!

My big brother and me.  He could slay dragons way back then!

After my parents’ divorce, my lil grandmother just cut her out of our lives.  Literally and physically.  That’s another way.  Use the scissors and just whack out those nasty family members that cause problems…..

My bangs were not the only “whack job.”  Another scissors cut by my grandmother.  It was a different time, a different world.  Children didn’t go to guidance counselors and parents didn’t talk about things.  Scissors were one way to get rid of memories you didn’t want. 

When there are no words….

My big brother, this was probably before I was born.  Wasn’t he a doll?

Lunch at my grandmother’s house.  I inherited those blue Currier and Ives dishes. 





My dad, brother Hal, and me.  I think those are clothes racks all over the porch.  (Maybe I inherited my love of laundry from my mother!!!!)

My brother, Hal.  He was one year old here.  Quite the stud!

The only picture I have of my mother.  This was my aunt’s wedding. I was the flower girl. (that’s my mother standing behind me.)  It looks like someone should have given me an attitude adjustment!

Here’s my daddy, me, my brother, and a couch full of cousins!

  A photo can evoke a thousand memories.  Hal used to shoot me with the BB guns.  (I got to play with him if I could be the target!!! All harmless fun for kids growing up in the age when the greatest threat we had was the Russians nuking all of us! )  No one believes when I talk about the “drills we used to have in school. We practiced getting under our desks and/or running home.  Yes sir, that would keep us safe from nuclear destruction….and  the dog’s name was Rebel.  The doll’s name was Lisa and she never made the move.  I wondered for years what happened to her!

I am pretty sure we fought like cats and dogs.  (Hal’s 5 years older than me. I am also pretty sure I was his cross to bear.)  But right here we look sweet and angelic.

Last fall, I had the most amazing urge to drive to the town where I lived for the first decade of my life.  I remembered the address and I actually found the house.  It was so much smaller than I remembered but aren’t all childhood memories that way?  I will blog about that experience another day!!!!

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me!
That’s a wrap!



  1. I love looking at your pictures and hearing your family story. Life stories are so interesting to me. You just never know what others have been through. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Girl, This is the fabric of which we are made. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. You’ve made a strong family. Love you all. Ms. Bubbles

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