Posted by: karenparmer | February 17, 2010

My love affair with the mouse

I am coming out in the open.  I have been having a love affair with a mouse for years.  He was originally known as Steamboat Willie when Walt Disney first introduced him to the animated world.  He’s since gotten the sophisticated name of Mickey Mouse and his very chic lady friend is none other than Minnie Mouse.  (I am assuming they are married since they share the same last name??)

Dan and I went to Disney World in Orlando as part of our honeymoon trip in June of 1977.  It was my first time to go to Disney.  The love affair begins…..



June 1977

We could hardly contain ourselves to take our kids.  As vacations were few and far between in the early years, their very first trip to Disney was when Katie was six and Matt was four.  (We were the kind of parents that would get “written up” today because we took Katie out of school for the week of Memorial Day and headed off to see the mouse.)  My thoughts were that a family trip was much more beneficial than five days in Kindergarten at the end of the school year.  I am afraid I still share those sentiments.  IF the ONLY time a working family can take their children on a much needed family vacation is during the school year, then GO FOR IT!!!  Four or five days with family conversations, fights in the back seat, nose picking at dinner, meltdowns, sugar highs and lows….well what could be better?   If nothing else, then it makes you more thankful for the school system where you can return your little darlings as soon as the vacation is over!

May 1987

Later when Katie was in the fifth grade and Matt in the third grade, we “checked out” of school for a September trip to Disney.  (Do you see a truancy problem here?)  We did a theme park a day for five days.  It was the kids’ first plane trip.  At the end of the trip, our comments were “do not tell us one more time to take small children by the hand…”  It was a great trip even though we qued up quite a lot!


September 1991

Summer 1997

Then when the kids were in middle and high school, we meandered down to Orlando a time or two.  One time we were getting off of a cruise ship, just saw the space shuttle launch, and Dan said, “Lets go over to Disney.”   Everyone was in agreement so off we went.

By this time, Dan’s little brother, Mark, was working at Disney and could get us into the park for free.  He also had tickets to “Breakfast with Mickey,” and other great perks.  That sure made the trip more enjoyable.

This picture was made at the Wilderness Lodge where we stayed last week too!

Summer of 1995



Then when Mark and Melanie married 11 years ago,  the whole family flew to Orlando for the rehearsal, the wedding, and A DISNEY TRIP (all in one weekend.)  On Sunday we went to three parks in one day.  It was in February, the exact same time we went last week for our trip.  There were thirteen of us (we had Dan’s dad in a wheelchair).  Thirteen people flying through three parks to hit the highlights.  Then racing through the airport to get the last 13 seats on the plane back to HotLanta!!!  That was a trip NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN!!!!

Such great  memories.

So as soon as Charlie was born, we started thinking about taking him to Disney.  It happened last week.  We went to Disney for five glorious days, cold weather, rain, none of it hampered our fun.  The memories we made there will last forever.  Look for upcoming blogs about our Disney fun. 

And as much as I love Mickey and I have enjoyed our love affair, I think I may also be falling for
BUZZ LIGHTYEAR.  He sure looks good in his space ranger suit!!



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