Posted by: karenparmer | February 20, 2010

It’s OK to go to the light!

(We both looked a lot younger in this picture made in 2001)

If you have talked to me in the last year, then you know how we are struggling with a very old dog.  Our family pet who Santa delivered on Christmas Eve 16 years ago is still living large here at our home.  Years ago, I heard a phrase, “Life begins when the kids leave home and the dog dies.”  It’s dark humour, but does ring with some truth.  Frizzy is a Bischon Frise and is our  first AND LAST house dog.  A member of the family, a loyal friend, a confidante, he is all of those.  BUT there comes a time when its “TIME”.  I jokingly (well, maybe not always jokingly) tell Frizzy, “It’s OK to go to the light.”  Of course, when we make the decision to bring the light on earlier OR he succumbs to the death angel, it will be hard.  BUT “to everything there is a season…”

This week was especially challenging.  We’ve had several “Frizzy issues” that I will spare you from hearing.  Well, yesterday, was just another of many.  I had been gone most of the day.  When I got home about five o’clock, I let Frizzy out.  (He has been in the habit of coming back in immediately.)  SHOCKER, I got busy and realized several hours later that Frizzy had not returned.  If you let him out the front door, he returns to the back door, barking.  If you let him out the back door, he returns to the front door, etc. etc.  (I spend a large part of each day either letting him in or out!!!)  Anyway, when I spoke with Dan on the phone, I told him that Frizzy was MIA.  Our neighbors on the left  are putting in a pool and I kept thinking that he must have fallen in there.  So with a large spotlight I went out looking for him.  Got in the car, drove around the neighborhood, calling, shining that big ole light all over the place.  Got back home and could hear him barking…..Long story made shorter.  He was in our other neighbor’s garage!!!  Walked over there, shone my light in the garage window and sure enough,  Large and IN Charge, there was Frizzy!  I called my sweet neighbor’s cell phone and told her the humiliating story.  My dog had gotten in her garage and hopefully would exit upon their arrival back home.  My neighbors are the best people on God’s green earth.  Dave Divine, our neighbor, is the lead pastor at Church of Chapel Hill.  Dave, Cindy, and their entire family have been a blessing to us for years. Truly “talking the talk, and walking the walk!” So here’s my thoughts on Frizzy’s basement escapade.  I always say “It’s OK to go to the light.”  Maybe he thought I meant the Divine’s house!  (the Divines are so aptly named!!)  They are neighbors living and walking in the light of God’s abundant grace. …….The light of God just shines all over them!

No, I can’t really make a case for taking him to the vet for his “sleepshot” based on last night’s activities….BUT one can only wonder…..Does he THINK I said go to the Divine’s light?????



  1. Girl, So feel your pain. We are now ’empty nesters’ and ‘petless’ after our cat, Fluff, finally
    ‘passed’. She was a part of our family for 15 or 20 years. Who’s counting after this long. She has been gone for over a year now and the end was not pretty. If I have the luxury of dropping dead please come to my traditional Irish wake and dance a jig. A dram or 2 will help to fill thy spirit. We are all in this together for better or worse. I only hope our children will be as kind to us. Love to all, Ms. Bubbles.

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