Posted by: karenparmer | March 5, 2010

That phone call that stops your heart

This afternoon I was at the mall, just browsing around when I heard Matt’s ring on my cell phone.  I picked it up, expecting to hear about what was happening in his day.  I could bearly hear him.  I could tell he was having a lot of difficulty talking.  Mostly I got out of him that he had called 911 and that he was hurting so badly.  Then the called was dropped.  Shaking so badly, with this incredible feeling that I was going to faint, I recalled his number and he was still talking to me in this weird voice.  Finally I understood him enough to know what was going on.  He had yawned and his jaw got stuck – wide open….He was in horrible pain, couldn’t swallow, not to mention the emotional  issues….such as “what in the world is the matter with me???”  He really couldn’t talk well, he just sort of utter Un-uh which was “yes.”  I kept asking him, “are you sill there?” “are the paramedics there yet?”. I just told him to keep the line open…Do NOT hang up on me.  I told him to tap on the phone every minute just to let me know he was okay.  Finally I heard the paramedics arrive at his apartment.  One of the nice guys picked up Matt’s phone, told me that he thought his jaw had just locked, and that he’d be fine.  So off they go, while I think to myself, “Do I go to the airport?”  “Do I get in my car.”  I felt so disconnected.  The paramedic promised he’d have someone call me from the hospital.  I made my way home from the mall, sort of in a daze.  Praying that Matt would be okay.  Got on the internet, researched the condition and felt better.  Well, in a little while, Matt called, speaking in a normal voice.  They had given him a shot of morphine and muscle relaxers and sort of put his jaw back together.  They told him it would have been very difficult for him to have done it on his on!!  Matt said the terrible part was that he couldn’t swallow, it hurt, and he was pretty freaked!!!  He described it as an “out of body experience.”  This is my child that won’t even take a tylenol so I am sure he got drunk pretty quick on the powerful drugs.  He’s back at home tonight and I just spoke with him. Actually he’s feeling pretty well.  His mommy told him to go to bed and get a good nights’ sleep.  Take one of those “Happy Pills” they gave you.  And this mommy just wants to be there to tuck him in, see him with my own eyes, and kiss him good night….

How old does your son/daughter get before you still believe you have the power to make it all right if you can just be there????

When I first heard Matt’s voice, I imagined all sort of possibilities:  had he had a head injury, a car accident, a stroke????  Matt is in the best physical condition he’s been in for years.  Runs everyday, has lost weight, improved his diet, but I couldn’t help but have horrible things go through my head.  Just open your mouth as wide as possible and try to have a conversation.  Not very coherent, is it????  Imagine hearing that over the phone when your baby boy lives five hours away???? 

Thank you God for keeping me from having a stroke myself this afternoon and thank you for the fine emergency team that rescued my baby boy and made him all better!!!



  1. That is insane. I hope that doesn’t happen to me. I am afraid to yawn now. Do they know what causes this? It just doesn’t seem normal to me.

  2. Lock jaw happens so frequently, so scary!!!! I am glad he is ok and you didn’t have a heart attack worrying. What a scary phone call that had to be! Glad all is ok!

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