Posted by: karenparmer | June 16, 2011

The Ultimate Camping Experience

I haven’t blogged in at least a year and a half.  BUT I have a new economic plan, a model that might see me on to my fortune.  Not unlike, the fabulous restaurant model that Truett Cathy started decades ago with Chick Filet.  I am going to show other grandmothers how to run a truly successful Grandmother(MawMaw/GiGi/MiMi, whatever you want to call it) Camp.  I am only charging my daughter 499.00 for four nights of what I am going to call The Ultimate Camping Experience.  (Or maybe I have it wrong, maybe I am paying her 499.00, that’s probably a very important part of a good economic model, deciding if the money is coming in or going out. ) Oh well, whatever, let me know if I can act as a consultant for you as you create your own camping experience with your grandchildren!!

Don’t be discouraged if your little camper wants M&M’s for breakfast.  (part of my model has parents signing a waiver that “what happens at MawMaw Camp stays at MawMaw Camp”).  Actually you can use the M & M’s for part of your educational curriculum, you know color recognition, sorting, etc. etc.

Spaghetti is always a great dinner for your little camper.  We have our campers strip down to their scivvys when eating spaghetti.  (Katie doesn’t like tomato stains on their clothes…Picky, Picky!)

If your campers are very young, its helpful to have a sink nearby for a quick rinse.  Those nasty spaghetti stains!!!!

If you can hire undocumented workers to help out in your camping experience, that’s great.  BUT if not, you can also solicit the help of your older children who have not contributed any children for camp yet.

If you have a pet, he/she can be great help in cleaning up after your little campers.  BUT if not, refer to above picture for custodial help!

You will certainly want your campers to bring the appropriate clothing but if they do not, then feel free to use some of the 499.00 to dress your camper in style.  Refer to above paragraph foravoiding stains during tomato based dinners.

Be sure to provide plenty of opportunities for arts and crafts.  If the campers mark on your walls or carpets, it will be precious.  (Totally unlike the experience when your children did the same thing twenty years ago~~)

The camping experience must include some instruction about God and His wonderful world.  Here my little camper is participating in my Bible study book called Managing Your Moods.  I am hopeful it will help her at those times when she throws her back out and lies down in the store and has a hissy!!!!

I like to start every morning of MawMaw Camp out with this verse repeated to my little camper, …This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24 (Sometimes by the end of the camping day, I may say, “dear Lord, I need more energy for this day!!)

Little girl campers love to play beauty school.  Always the emphasis is on the motto, “true beauty comes from the inside out!!!!” 

Little campers love to go shopping.  Just be sure that your camper’s purse matches her outfit!

No camping experience is complete without water fun.  Just be sure to put plenty of sunscreen on the little campers.  Don’t forget that swim diaper for the “not potty trained” camper.  You DO NOT want to be the one in the pool saying, “What is that disgusting stuff?”

With just a little planning, an iron tight waiver for parents to sign, and an abundance of love you can have your grandchildren screaming,


Thanks Katie for sharing MK with me this week.  We are having a blast!!



  1. So excited to see you blogging again!! I’ve missed your posts!! Love, love, love reading them!!

  2. So glad y’all are having fun — I just have one question — When is my week at camp?????

  3. This delighted my heart!!! You are so great at blogging!!! Keep them coming!!! This was great and brought a smile to my face! However, that waiver would have to be read by my lawyer 😉

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