Who am I?

 I have been inducted into the world of blogging by none other than my very own writing daughter, Katie. She inspires me in so many ways. I am climbing aboard this whole “blogging thing” reluctantly but secretly excited about the chance to share my experiences, bargains, funny stories, and real life.
Who am I? Well I am first of all, redeemed by Grace and promised His eternity, a child of God. I live a daily struggle to discern what that means in my life. I am a wife to my truly best friend for thirty two  years. I am the mother of two adult children, Katie and Matt.  And I am Charlie and Molly Kate’s MawMaw!!! I am blessed to call several special women “my girls”. And I have many other friends that mean the world to me. I just retired after 30 years of public school teaching.

For sure the first part of my life was defined by my marriage, my kids, my job……I am looking forward to Phase II-retirement!  What WILL I be when I grow up???



  1. I love you and can’t wait to read your blog!!! You are so fun!!! Blessed to be your daughter!!

  2. Hello Mrs. Parmer! Great to see you on here. Love the blog and the pics. I’ve enjoyed reading Katie’s and Matt’s, it’s great to catch up with old friends! Hope all is well! Take care!
    -Sally (Giles) Fountain

  3. As the BIG brother who filled the role in your early years as both your brother and the Monkey you always said you would like, I am enjoying your blog….It makes it easier to keep up with what’s going on in this “long distance” family. Pauline and I have thought about starting up a Blog where we live in Mexico, but if we wrote about our neighbors we would have to leave town. Of course it would help the US law enforcement clear up a number of crimes. We are expecting a large influx of US citizens running to Mexico if either one of the current clowns that are running for Pres. gets elected. COME ON DOWN….

    Our Love to you and your wonderful family… Keep up with the Blog….

  4. Karen, can you give me your brother’s address? My Hal and I may be part of that influx if the election gets too blue, and although we love to vacation in Mexico, we don’t have a permanent address there……….yet. Love the blog. Great way to stay in touch. Keep it up, Girl!

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