Posted by: karenparmer | July 12, 2011

Beauty is skin deep (but ugly goes all the way to the bone)

Since I have been off the blog roll for so long, I thought it might be time to update some of our family pictures.  That’s always a frightening introduction from me because I am not ashamed of past experiences (well, that’s not entirely true. The big haired perms in the 80’s were pretty bad…and Katie, I am so sorry for those gosh awful bows, Matt, absolutely NO EXCUSES for those glasses that allowed you to see through walls….Dan, I take no blame for the mustache you sported for years, but I can take the blame for so many pictures.)  So, all that to say, this, here are some recent pictures of some of my much loved family.  To quote a cliche, the years have not been kind to all of us….

I have gotten so forgetful lately that I finally found a neurosurgeon that would construct me a new head.  There’s only one problem.  I am twice as forgetful now.  I need even more units of Botox than before and I cannot begin to quote you the price I am having to pay to get this hair done in Buckhead. I thought it was bad before…

Dan has been working so hard lately that I think he has actually acquired a resemblance to Mr. Incredible.  Pixar Pictues has gotten in touch with him about doing a new movie this fall.  It will be about a middle aged businessman, trying to run a real estate company in the worst recession in years.  It will be “superhero” movie geared for the older generation.  This super hero will be able to fix aching backs, repair falling bladders, and have an indepth knowledge of digestive disorders.  Watch for it in a theatre near you.


Carsyn Anne has burst into our lives since I last blogged.  She will be one in September.  She is so intelligent that she fairly radiates when she crawls into a room.  We can only hope her glow is not radioactive!

And here’s my sweet girl, Katie.  She’s such a nice young lady, makes her own clothes, grows her own vegetables, and has even taken to making dyes from root and herbs in her yard.  We keep assuring her that she will lose this weight after Baby #3.  (Must admit she is a little of a disappointment to her father who always told her, “its not how you feel that matters, its how you look.”

One of my favorite cousins, Richard, was here visiting this week.  He is about to embark upon a new career.  He has a real heart for children and he wants to get a job teaching young kids.  I hope I wasn’t too brutal with him when I told him, he might want to consider sending in a resume without a photo attached.

or at least send one in before he got to be such a “pinhead”.  Bill O’Reily would have a field day with you, Richard!!!

Richard’s lovely, attractive, very smart wife, Julie, was here with him as well.  She is like a sister to me.  She is a pharmacist and we can only hope that she has not done harm to herself dispensing drugs for so many years.  (She may be asked to co-star in the movie that Dan is going to be in…can’t help but notice that she is acquiring some type of super hero crest on her forehead????)

And here are two of Julie and Richard’s beautiful   charming children, Isaiah and Abram, They left Ezra at home.  I think its sort of ovewhelming when they are all in public together.




And here is our precious Molly Kate, who just turned two.  She is “lit up” as some child behavorist might describe.  Some days we cannot decide where our little tornado comes from!!

And no photo album would be complete without a pic of my favorite son-in-law.  I told Katie it was just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor man. She didn’t pay any attention to that advice and married a minister.  She did listen to her mother when I said, “look deep inside to see the worth of an individual.”  Chad has a big heart (and a bigger nose).  He also has taken to organic farming and raising small farm animals.


And my precious Charlie.  I tell him that I do not love him the most, I have just loved him the longest!  His mommy and daddy are very particular about his  viewing habits but  I am worried that his face has taken on the shape of the TV in spite of all their efforts.

asking forgiveness from my family,



Going to the chapel..and gonna get Corey married




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