Posted by: karenparmer | November 22, 2008

Karefully Kuring Katie!!!

Katie has a herniated disk in her lower back which is causing her lots of problems.  She and Charlie have been here since Sunday so that we could help her out.  We have had a lot of fun this week in spite of the fact that Katie has not been up to par. The chiropractor has told Katie that an inversion table might be helpful to alleviate pressure from the bad disk.  Well, she has ordered one and hopefully it will arrive next week.  But in the meantime we have created our own version of an inversion table.  And its always good to find humor in any situation so here are some of the pictures of Katie getting her homemade back therapy.  Of course Charlie is trying to slide down at the same time poor Chad is holding Katie by the ankles.  Believe it or not, she said it has helped some.  So if any of you out there are suffering from back problems, just drop by, and we can do this therapy for you.  Thirty dollars a visit and we accept most insurance plans.  (Or if you want to get an ambulance chasing attorney to say you have whiplash, we’ll take 50 percent of the final settlement!!!)


Hold on tight, Chad.  We asked Chad if she was getting heavy and he politically said, “Of course not!”  What a sport!


What the pictures DON’T show is that Charlie was trying to “slide down the board” the whole time.  AND we were all trying not to laugh.  (The board is Matt’s Brio Train Board that Dan made MANY years ago!!) 


Okay, Charlie, its finally your turn!!


Katie’s back therapy was so successful that we thought a trip to the mall was in order!!  We usually take the stroller just to hold the packages because Charlie isn’t too interested in riding in it!!


We ran into Ella Smith at the mall and she rode the train with Charlie!!  What a sweetheart she is!



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  2. I didn’t realize you did start a blog. I’m glad Katie convinced you! We are sooo excited about the newest Cottle on the way!

  3. No way Kate rode in that thing around the mall. Too funny. Not really b/c I hate that she’s having back problems but kinda funny if she rode in Charley’s stroller. Bet yall got some looks.

  4. By the way how did you get that picture of me when I send messages Karen?

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